Why have a website? Real benefits and uses Series – 1. A digital presence in the digital age

Why have a website? Real benefits and uses Series help organisations and individuals reconcile their professional goals with the many solutions offered by digital platforms. So these are real benefits and uses of a website?

  1. A digital presence in the digital age
  2. Getting to your audience everywhere
  3. Visualising a Unique Brand
  4. Multimedia, multisensory experience
  5. Control and ownership
  6. Understanding visitors and customers
  7. Eco-friendly and money-saving
  8. Optimising the efficiency of operations
  9. Showcasing your expertise
  10. Conclusion

Why have a website? Real benefits and uses – 1. A digital presence in the digital age

Having a digital presence and succeeding online have become a necessity. Search engines are now default go-to places for finding information, services, products, advice, friendship and even love. The business that Google, Bing or Yahoo does not list loses out. This is particularly relevant when you consider that Google alone counts 40,000 searches every second*! This has forced companies to have a website and ensure they are listed on search engines as soon as possible and as highly ranked as possible to get more clients. In today’s world, a company’s position is increasingly judged digitally.

The emotional blackmail and the fashionable pressure of needing to be online could never be the right way of getting a business into the real benefits and uses of having a website. As a result, it could hardly be the right premises for a business to create the digital presence that would indeed make the right difference for the brand. There is so much more to presenting one’s venture in a relevant manner without drowning one’s Unique Selling Point (USP), marketing it correctly and harvesting its advantages. In fact, many a time we have stumbled upon websites that just scream of having checked the box of the necessary online presence and indeed stopped right there.

So what more is there to a website than having a domain name, a logo, and some information about business services? Well this article argues that a Website is more than just displaying company’s information and brand. It is a global medium of interaction with existing and potential clients and is about continually attracting and retaining your client based on what your business does best, uniquely in a manner that satisfy your clients.

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