Why have a website: Real benefits and uses series – 6. Understanding visitors and customers

Why have a website? Real benefits and uses Series help organisations and individuals reconcile their professional goals with the many solutions offered by digital platforms. So these are real benefits and uses of a website?

  1. A digital presence in the digital age
  2. Getting to your audience everywhere
  3. Visualising a Unique Brand
  4. Multimedia, multisensory experience
  5. Control and ownership
  6. Understanding visitors and customers
  7. Eco-friendly and money-saving
  8. Optimising the efficiency of operations
  9. Showcasing your expertise
  10. Conclusion

Why have a website: Real benefits and uses – 6. Understanding visitors and customers

An effective website can meet and foresee the needs of its visitors. It can easily be found, interacted with and accessed with the goal of not making only one sale, but fostering a relationship with customers. This relationship can create up-sale opportunities and repeat business. After all, it is easier to make money from a repeat customer who knows and trusts you than to continually have to source new business.

Your website analytics will be able to help you understand who is coming to your website, when, why (what pages they visit), the retention, their least favourite pages, the blog posts that are most attractive and a lot more. To even make this more effective, surveys and feedback forms can be drawn to interact with customers (a great incentive is a coupon or voucher in exchange for 5 minutes of a user’s time).

This type of action and many more can only be done efficiently on your own website or based on data taken from your website (although social media analytics will enrich that data, no doubt). The data will help you enhance your digital presence which is the presentation of your brand as well as improve Customer Relations.

In addition, this strategy can help you target specific visitors. Every visitor is different and each visitor’s needs can be met with a targeted web strategy. With proper targeting, you reach precisely the right consumers who have a particular need, desire specific products, or make suggestions that create opportunities or services for your brand.

Last and definitely not least, one of the most important and effective digital marketing tool is email marketing. As a result the collection of customer email addresses is essential in the building of mailing lists. These are the customers who receive our newsletters, a regular aggregation of our news, offers, and the set of marketing content that aims to attract customers, retain their interest and make them want to share your website link with their friends and recommend your products.

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