Why have a website? Real benefits and uses Series help organisations and individuals reconcile their professional goals with the many solutions offered by digital platforms. So these are real benefits and uses of a website?

  1. A digital presence in the digital age
  2. Getting to your audience everywhere
  3. Visualising a Unique Brand
  4. Multimedia, multisensory experience
  5. Control and ownership
  6. Understanding visitors and customers
  7. Eco-friendly and money-saving
  8. Optimising the efficiency of operations
  9. Showcasing your expertise
  10. Conclusion

Why have a website: Real benefits and uses – 7. Eco-friendly and money-saving

One of the advantages of the digital world is that your brand can save print and post expenses. However, this needs to be managed in a smart way. This is not about passing your costs to the customer, especially if you are willing to develop a special relationship such as the one we talked about in the previous section. A business must remember that it is made up of people and that these people too are customers of other brands. So my question to you as that customer is: would you like to pay for printable materials every time?

The obvious answer is NO. We are reasonable as customers and we will pay for what we think is reasonable to pay for. If a brand puts together a booklet that helps me manage a part of my life better, and offers this for free, YES I will print the booklet myself if I don’t want to read it from the screen. So the questions we must ask ourselves to be eco-friendly and help ourselves as a brand but also as a customer is: Have we created the digital content in a way that faciliates reading, that makes it attractive and easy to read on-screen? If it must be printed, do we offer an alternative version with a layout that faciliates such format? Should the printing of that material be our responsibility or that of the customer?

So YES, you can make printed materials downloadable from your website. This gives your visitors instant access to the documents rather than having to wait for it to arrive in the post, while It saves you print, package and post costs. However, it is your responsibility to take great care of facilitating the visualisation of the content in a way that it is easy to read online and to print if necessary. Just like accessibility helps make a website usable, eco-friendliness can help both you and your customer save money.

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Manuella Essaka
Manuella Essaka is a highly experienced Digital Consultant and Project Manager, with a successful track record delivering e-Learning, Website and Mobile Solutions to educators and learners, music professionals, businesses and organisations. She is passionate about empowering clients by developing their understanding and ownership of the digital solutions setup through regular jargon-free communications, structured training and analytical reporting.
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