Why have a website? Real benefits and uses Series help organisations and individuals reconcile their professional goals with the many solutions offered by digital platforms. So these are real benefits and uses of a website?

  1. A digital presence in the digital age
  2. Getting to your audience everywhere
  3. Visualising a Unique Brand
  4. Multimedia, multisensory experience
  5. Control and ownership
  6. Understanding visitors and customers
  7. Eco-friendly and money-saving
  8. Optimising the efficiency of operations
  9. Showcasing your expertise
  10. Conclusion

Why have a website: Real benefits and uses – 5. Control and ownership

Social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and the many other that seem to pop in every few weeks) are unbelievable assets for digital marketing. However, one thing they are NOT is a website, your website. For one, you don’t have as much control over them as you would think. They can change their layout, show as many of your past messages at once as they wish. Although they offer various tools that allow you a level of input as to the content, photo, poll and video you want to showcase and when, there is a limitation as to the look and feel, in particular the layout, the reuse of the content you use.

In addition, every time you advertise your content on the social media of your choice, what you are first and foremost advertising is the social platform. The number of visitors, the retention generated by the time it takes to read your content, the other content that is bound to attract or distract your viewer from what you are showing them does not belong to you and you seldom choose what it is. These are only some examples of what happens and that you should be concerned about.

On your website, the terms and conditions you have drawn  applies to all your content. As users come to read one blog post, whatever else is shown, such as other content, sales , news, advertising, is what YOU have chosen to be there, not a third party. You also can more easily analyse the people who visit your digital presence if you own it.The secret lies in getting your social presence and your website to work together. The social medium is one for marketing and reaching further into our audience as well as networks of their networks.  While the idea is to always start the conversation there, the point is to draw them back to the website where all is happening for your brand. The effective ways of doing this includ announcing promotional offers, new items, giving tips that are of interest to your audience thereby also demonstrating your brand’s expertise.

Remember that with the proliferation of networks, it would be a shame for potential customers to miss out on a service or news because these did not appear on their feed at the time they were on their social page. On your website, the content will always be there (if you let it). More importantly, if you make it searchable (a must, by the way), they can always find it and without the distraction of other similar content from your competitors as it would be on a social platform.

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Manuella Essaka
Manuella Essaka is a highly experienced Digital Consultant and Project Manager, with a successful track record delivering e-Learning, Website and Mobile Solutions to educators and learners, music professionals, businesses and organisations. She is passionate about empowering clients by developing their understanding and ownership of the digital solutions setup through regular jargon-free communications, structured training and analytical reporting.
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