Why have a website: Real Benefits and uses Series – 4. A Multimedia, multisensory experience

Why have a website? Real benefits and uses Series help organisations and individuals reconcile their professional goals with the many solutions offered by digital platforms. So these are real benefits and uses of a website?

  1. A digital presence in the digital age
  2. Getting to your audience everywhere
  3. Visualising a Unique Brand
  4. Multimedia, multisensory experience
  5. Control and ownership
  6. Understanding visitors and customers
  7. Eco-friendly and money-saving
  8. Optimising the efficiency of operations
  9. Showcasing your expertise
  10. Conclusion

Why have a website: Real benefits and uses – 4. Multimedia, multisensory experience

The flexibility and power of a website comes not just in innovately implementing your Unique Selling Point. It is particularly in the multiplicity of ways it helps you visualise your brand. You can create content in a way that creates greater impact by using multiple media to appeal to different customers’ senses.

Your website can create more of a multisensory impact because you can illustrate further than text and images by adding processes, events and stories by way of animation, simulations, video, audio and more, ideas that cannot be implement as well two-dimensionally. A visual tour of the premises, an online flipping catalogue are but a few examples.

In addition, a website can manage content release: it can allow a brand to present the same content many times, release it at specific dates/times, show it to a selected number of people that verify particular criteria, look different at different times of the year or of the day and so on. These selective releases personalise the users’ experiences and contribute to customer retention.

It is not just multimedia that enriches the site and appeals to multiple sense. A website owner, a brand, have the opportunity to make their visitors more than a spectator or a consumer. They have the power to empower their visitors into equal partners by adding interactivity and call to actions into their website. They can create a sense of community with registration, communication and login features. Users can be asked to vote for their preferred product, slogan, given the opportunity to make suggestions. These are as a few of the many ways of embarking your users in a mutually beneficial journey and help them become emotionally attached to your brand.

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