Tech2Gether ICT Training – Apr, May, Jun 2017 – ~12 hours

Tech2Gether ICT training is a quick introduction to ICT that consisted in a basic introduction to ICT, hardware vs software, the internet and the world wide web. We foused on web technologies, in particular HTML markup and CSS styling.

The focus was decided by the pupils, aged 10 to 16. This page is aimed at providing additional resources that might help the students to create a complete set of web pages in the hosted space provided.

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Tech2gether ICT Course handbook and Hosting details

We used the following content and structure in this particular course. Right click on the following link to download the Techgether ict session handbook. Your hosting details for uploading your content to the web are below (don’t pay attention to the ones in the handbook).

Hosting details

We created a space for you to host your pages. It is not a full website but a little space on our website for you to view your web pages.

  1. You can contact us using the contact form below to get your username and password if you don’t have it as yet
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Type in and press Enter.
  4. It will prompt you for a username and password
  5. You’ve logged in to the server now so you can upload your files. One way of doing the upload is to open your local folder in another window where your files are being created. You put the windows side by side and all you need to do is to drag your files from one window to the other.
  6. You will notice that when you go to your web pages e.g. will just list your files rather than showing your page. This is because you will need an index or default page, generally used as the homepage for your web pages. For our particular hosting, this would be index.html.

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Web editors

  • A simple editor like NotePad is the best way to learn HTML and how to write the markup language: NotePad can be found free on your Windows computer.
  • More sophisticated HTML editors will allow you to see your code more clearly (using e.g. different colours), auto-complete code, preview your content and more. The best ones are NotePad++, Brackets, They require some familiarisation with their environment. There is more sophistication in the likes of Eclipse (including the Web Tools Platform) but at least it is free. This is not the case for the likes of Dreamweaver.

Other free tools that you might find interesting include:

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Internet statistics

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Further Web development training courses

  • Among the best web development courses are the W3 courses are the go-to set of online web tutorials and references on web technologies as varied as HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript but also PHP, SQL, Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • There are some free HTML courses on Udemy if you prefer video-based courses.

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Contact us

The web is full of information but not all of it is good or contextually appropriate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us using the form below:

— the contact form has been removed since the Tech2gether training and post-training allowance are over — 

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