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website maintenance including monitoring, security, upgrades, tests and more

Website maintenance from 3E Web Media

3E Web Media can take care of your Website maintenance for you. We wrote a whole article on the importance of regularly maintaining your website. We offer different options depending on how big the website is in terms of the number of applications it uses, to allow you to chose the relevant options for your needs. The following are the website maintenance services we offer.

Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is done to ensure website 24/7 availability. Should anything not right happen during the monitoring, we are set up so as to promptly respond to any downtime, and address any issue to minimise the downtime. Website monitoring also includes ensuring all website registration and access is legitimate. We are set up to respond to any registration abuse or unauthorised access.

Website Upgrades

Website upgrades are one of the most important services we offer as part of website maintenance. They ensure that your website codes are regularly patched and enhanced in line with Internet and product changes. These upgrades include pre-upgrade backups, the upgrade of WordPress, plugins and themes, the after-upgrade tests, the fixes of anything that has been negatively altered by the upgrades or the rolling back if tests determine that the changes are too detrimental.

Website Security

There is a good chance your website is set up with security (or at least it should be). But what happens when you are alerted about a breach? Do you know what to do? This is where we come in. Our website security service ensures that access to your website is protected from malicious attempts and that any security issue raised on your website is dealt with promptly and investigated further to avoid it happening again.

On-going onsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation helps maintain the website's visibility and competitive edge. Regular analytics inform strategic digital marketing and this is something that keeps your site active, search engines aware and your digital business competitive.

Content Refresh

Content refresh keeps your website content fresh to tell potential clients, current customers, competition and search engines that you and your business are active, knowledgeable, constantly fresh and highly competitive. This includes adding new posts, editing and SEO-proofing them as well as sharing them on your social networks via your social business accounts

Offsite optimisation

Offsite optimisation are all the search engine optimisation of your website that are done outside of your website. This include to cite a few, backlinking, adding you to online directories, sharing beyond your social networks, Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. Offsite optimisation allows us to seek lead beyond your network and extend your reach.

WordPress maintenance consulting

As part of the packages, you also get a number of hours of consulting in which you can get answers to your related questions and explanation of your reports in case you don't have time to read them.

WP translation update

Some WordPress and WooCommerce maintenance require a further translation update (as simple as US English to UK English.

Cache clearing

Often, your website contains one or more cache application to help speed up its performance. These caches need regular clearing in order to remove any outdated configurations, designs or development. We do this for you.

Let us take care of your WordPress Website Maintenance.

WordPress upgrade – Plugins upgrade – Monitoring – WP Translation update – Content upload – Content conversion / format – Linking – Content Refresh – Search Engine Optimisation…advice and consultancy and more, let us take care of your WordPress website maintenance today.

You are not sure about website maintenance or you are looking for something more custom?

You are not sure about the importance of website maintenance? Then check our article here about why the importance of regularly maintaining your website. Your hosting company is doing your maintenance? Then check our article here about the difference between server maintenance and website maintenance, with a little add-on about hosting maintenance. Is there anything else you would like added to your maintenance? Talk to us here and we will create a custom package just for you.

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