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Feel free to tip us as much as you want. Simply insert a quantity so that the final tipping matches the amount you wish to send us. For example, to tip us 50, simply enter 50 in the quantity.

Tips: Thank you for your custom

With sometimes more sellers than there are clients, we appreciate that the marketplace offers you plenty of choices. This is why we are particularly grateful for your custom. You are important to us because we do choose our clients. We want to be a part of something bigger and exceptional and to work with professionals. Therefore, we are doubly grateful that you exist and that you chose us. We appreciate you more than you can imagine and are grateful for your distinguished patronage and your inspiring projects.

Tip jar

We aim to constantly provide an excellent service

We make it our main aim to provide an excellent service. This is a most important part of why we started this business. We are able to provide an all-round service that saves our clients money and time. We love what we do and quality and excellence motivates us. We are friendly, helpful, and attentive which is not hard since we chose clients and projects that help us give our best, empower our clients and successfully surpass their goals. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy.

You can now tip us!

As a result, we are proud that our clients have requested a tipping facility and we are happy to hereby introduce tipping

. This is a way for you, our clients, to show us that you are particularly happy with our service. Don't worry, it is not a condition, just a facility in case you want to show your appreciation a little further. Either way, we appreciate your time and your custom. Thank you for your business and if you are feeling it, we would very much appreciate your tip.

What do we do with your tips?

Tip jar money investmentThis is a little bit like asking what the life of a freelance is like. While at 3E Web Media, we work for you with the aim to meet your goals and make you independent, we are no less aware of the financial uncertainty that plagues freelancers like us. The tips we receive are taxed because we treat them as sales of their own kind. We use our tips to enhance our services, pay our bills, and where possible donate to charities (our favoured charity is NSPCC). We also keep our knowledge up-to-date with training, seminars, conferences and reading.

Why else would you give a tip

A tip might be the opportunity for you to leave us a review that you could not have left otherwise. But with prior agreement or understanding, a tip might be used to any other reasonable end, such as for a service performed that is not listed (we occasionally perform services that span our knowledge but are not listed as part of 3E Web Media services, such as natural language processing, interviews, book reviews or music album release and distribution. Just ask, and we will be happy to oblige or direct you to someone who will help you.

How much tipping can you do?

You are free to tip us as much as you want. Simply insert a quantity so that the final tipping matches the amount you wish to send us. For example, to tip us 50,simply enter 10 in the quantity.


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