e-learning and mobile learning are taking over the way that we learn and teach/train and I can help you with this. I will develop an online course from any content, be it blog posts, podcasts, videos, books, audio or anything else. As a seasoned e-learning professional, I can discuss your proect with you to determine your project needs, the best tools for the tasks and the deliverables that will produce the most effective online course. I can create the whole thing or just help you do it yourself.

Why Fiverr?

We chose Fiverr as a partner because they are the number 1 global digital services marketplace. Both the buyer you) and the seller (me) are protected. I only receive your money when you are satisfied with the delivery.


These are questions I get asked all the time.
Which tools including LMS (Learning MAnagement System) or e-learning platform do I use?
I’ve used Learndash, TalentLMS, Udemy, Kajabi, Blackboard, Moodle, Litmos and more of the 1000+ LMS; PowerPoint, iSpring and more of the dozens of e-learning tools out there. Every project has its better tools. Choose the related extra and I’ll help you shortlist the most appropriate one for you.
Can you recommend an/some eLearning platform(s) for me to use?
Choosing an LMS is not because a friend, a guru or a colleague uses it, it looks good, it makes you money, it’s in fashion, an expert recommended it or it does what I need most. It is about research and matching your project needs with LMS’s functionality. Choose the gig and I will do it for you.


I am very pleased with Manuella’s work. she is very smart, quick, objective, hard worker and easy to work with. thank you Manuella.

Robiana Gomes – EHS Zone (Canada) EHS Zone

She is simply outstanding, an excellent communicator, very creative and takes her time to understand your business. She goes above and beyond to deliver excellence, brainstorms with you and provides honest feedback. I am definitely not going anywhere else, she just gets me and my business. PhoenixRize

Adaku Ezeudo, Phoenix Rize (Ireland)

Apart from providing me with a great online course she also educated me along the way as to how to structure the course in the best way for my students. I would recommend Manuella and also would use her again myself. Tammie, Vibrant Facilitator Training (Australia)

Tammie, Vibrant Facilitator Training (Australia)