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Digital audit, website evaluation, online course evaluation, and more

What is a digital audit or digital evaluation?

A digital audit is a comprehensive assessment of your online presence. It involves reviewing your website, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, and other digital marketing channels to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Why would I need a digital audit or digital evaluation?

There is no quality control or formal regulation governing the  Internet which puts the burden of determining the value of information found on it on the user and thankfully also gives them the power of selection. With billions of websites to choose from, how do you stand out? Getting your website audited or evaluated is the solution. The evaluation process aims to assess how well your digital presence fairs / performs against a list of criteria often determined by your purpose. For example, a website evaluation will look to determine whether it is an effective business marketing tool, whether its design complies with the law or assess its user-friendliness. We evaluate your digital presence and create a report with our findings, a prioritisation list as well as suggestions for improvement.

Can you do partial digital audits?

Actually, most often, "partial" digital evaluations are what we are asked for.  The requests we get most often are website evaluation, staging evaluation, e-commerce evaluation (website evaluation plus the buyer's journey from interest to purchase to acquisition to post-purchase customer service), online course evaluation as a learner (from interest to purchase through to taking the course and post-course service), social network audit and more.

What criteria do you use for evaluating part or all of a firm's or individual's digital presence?

The criteria we use aim to ensure that your digital presence is attractive and engaging, inspires trust, retain interest, and encourages conversion. Depending on the digital presence, we need to evaluate, these are the criteria we use:

  • Content: Accuracy (correct (free from orthography, syntax, structure, flow, semantic errors), credible and current), Authority and Expertise, Objectivity and Bias, Clarity and Simplicity (if your audience is purely experienced and advanced people in your niche, jargon is almost a must but it becomes a problem if this is not the case), Coverage, Credibility, Currency and Timelessness, and Relevancy (we look at filler words as well as pertinence and straightforwardness), Transparency, Branding representation (does the message correctly represents your brand and your site an effective business tool for this)
  • Usability: User-Friendliness (how easy it is to use, navigate, or find information, how fast is it to get to the information neeeded, etc.), Accessibility and Inclusion, Relatability, Personability, Customisation, etc.
  • Media and Design: Currency and Timelessness, does it distract from the content, is it accessible, is it clear, is it relevant to the business, is it innovative, what impression does the look and feel give of your business? Multimedia use, Multimedia load, CDN
  • Marketability: Search Engine Optimisation, Directory Listing, Social networks presence and following
  • Underpinning technology: Reliability, Robustness, Performance
  • E-commerce: products or services attractiveness, user journey, customer service
  • Mobility: does your website work well on a mobile? Do every functionality transfer correctly? Is it still legible? Is it responsive?
  • Legality: Does your digital presence comply with the different regulations that exist for the web, locally and in the different regions it serves?
  • Maintainability: Is your website easy to maintain? Do you have too many software applications (e.g., plugins)?
  • Manageability: Do you have different user roles and are the responsibilities clear? Is everyone skilled in the use of the digital tools required in their roles? Do you have a clearset of guidelines for the use of your brand, the publishing of blog posts, digital change management, new users, change of roles? and a lot more questions.
  • Security

The internet is full of websites that were started five minutes ago and out of over 7 billion websites, 6 billions of them are considered inactive. Let us answer your questions and restore your brand's credibility with our audit and recommendations. And if you need help implementing these, don't hesitate to check our professional websites development packages.

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