Digital Consulting


As a digital consultant, I help businesses develop and implement digital strategies through a wide range of services and for areas including for their digital presence (including websites, e-learning, and mobile).

What does digital consulting involve?

As a digital consultant, I help businesses to develop and implement digital strategies through a wide range of services:

  • Digital Strategy: Helping businesses to develop a digital strategy that aligns with their overall business goals.
  • Digital Implementation: Helping businesses to implement their digital strategy, including developing and delivering digital solutions.
  • Digital Change Management: Helping businesses to manage the change that comes with digital transformation.
  • Digital Optimization: Conducting an exhaustive digital audit (e.g., website evaluation, user journey, purchase journey, etc.) with recommendations, to help businesses optimize their digital assets and operations.
  • Digital Training: Helping businesses to train their employees on how to use digital technologies.

How does digital consulting help businesses?

Digital consultancy can be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. It can help businesses to:

  • Improve their competitive position: By helping businesses to develop and implement effective digital strategies, digital consultancy can help them to improve their competitive position and gain a larger share of the market.
  • Increase their efficiency:** By helping businesses to optimize their digital assets and operations, digital consulting can help them to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Improve their customer service:** By helping businesses to develop and deliver effective digital solutions, digital consultancy can help them to improve their customer service and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Grow their business:** By helping businesses to develop and implement effective digital strategies, digital consultancy can help them to grow their business and increase their revenue.

Why choose me?

If you are considering digital consultancy for your business, it is important to choose a seasoned consultant. With over 25 years in digital senior analyst, team lead and project manager for various small to large digital projects, including in e-learning, mobile apps and websites, in Higher Education, non-profit and commercial fields, I have an exhaustive knowledge of the digital realm. As such, I will be able to help you to develop a realistic and achievable digital strategy, and to implement it effectively.

I have been fortunate enough to lend my services to some of the greatest firms around the world, including, to cite a very few:

  • Vertikal Media Group in the USA
  • WayMaker Learning in the UK
  • Vibrant Women in Australia
  • Agathe Fehr Naturopathe in France
  • Schneider in Germany
  • Harter Investigations in the USA
  • 1 In Music in the UK

My areas of expertise

I provide digital consulting in the areas of digital presence,

  • e-learning, aka online learning or digital learning: I have worked in e-learning for over 25 years and I am a certified by the largest e-learning company in the world, Blackboard. However, when it comes to helping businesses evaluate and chose the digital learning solutions that suit, I dive into the 1000+ Learning management systems that exist to match each business priority strategic areas with the solutions' functionalities to find the perfect fit
  • mobile: I have helped mobile transformation and optimization since I was given responsibilities in 2015 at the University of Manchester for the whole mobile app service.
  • I developed my first website in 2017 as part of a project I led on the application of presentation technologies in UK Higher Education. I developed the complete digital solution from scratch for 300+ web pages (we did not have today's fancy tools then) and most of the exhaustive site content including surveys, training, best practice and maintained the site and the mailing list support line, and promoted it worlwide. Since then, I continued the development and guidance on websites developed with content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress and plugins like WooCommerce, or completely from scratch as database-driven entirely programmed digital solutions.


Digital consulting services are based on an hourly or a daily rate. The number of hours or days will depend on the size of the project, the business constraints (time, budget, level of details, scope) and the size of the company. You may want to discuss your needs in a 15 mns free consultation to ascertain these.