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About our content editing and rewriting services

3E Web Media content proofreading, editing and rewriting services cover orthographic errors (spell checks), grammatical errors, semantic accuracy, punctuation, meaning, flow, line and structural edits, matching to your chosen language or branding style guide, SEO-proofing (if relevant) and rewriting. We tackle any content including books, technical manuals, courses and online courses, academic articles, blog posts, and many more.


It is important that we see exactly your content to agree on the work that needs doing,, the solution most appropriate for it. You may believe your content needs editing when it needs rewriting. You may want editing but only require proofreading. So while the prices we give here provide you with a very close estimate, seeing the content helps us better gauge the amount, type and length of work needed to complete the work.

About the price

The price is per 1000 words. however, we do offer bulk prices where the content exceeds 30,000 pages or 2 hours content. While in general our price stands, there might be occasions where the content requires more work than the standard amount. For example, the request for content edition might turn out to be content rewriting. This is why we always ask to see the content first.

We are also on Fiverr

Sometimes, clients might just prefer to order our services on a proven marketplace. We completely understand. This is why we have partnered with Fiverr. You choose our service, pay Fiverr and Fiveerr only releases the money to us 14 days after you have accepted the service. You can find us on Fiverr, alongside the many reviews of the clients who have chosen our editing services. Simply click here to choose our editing services on Fiverr.

Unsure about needing editing?

Check out our extensive articles on the importance of editing and the crucial role of editors in the rise of AI.

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Proofreading, Editing, Rewriting