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Stop At Nothing provides executive leadership coaching and mentoring, strategic consulting, five-day leadership programs, and cultural transformation for organizations seeking to improve engagement and culture and drive peak performance. 

Susan Robertson is the co-founder and managing partner at Stop At Nothing, an organizational transformation and leadership consulting firm she began with her husband, Barry Robertson, over 30 years ago. Working with over 35,000 leaders in over 30 countries, the company helps leaders transform their corporate cultures by enhancing leadership effectiveness.

More recently, Susan Robertson, along with her husband and two other business partners–Kevin and Andrea Haas–founded Conscious Business Insights, an organization dedicated to creating REAL leaders and Conscious Cultures using digital technology. In her early 20s, she had two transformative experiences that changed her life. She attended a transformational, self-awareness-based leadership workshop and, that same year, she had a near-death white-water-rafting experience–and with that, she changed her life.

She left her safe banking career and co-founded Stop At Nothing. She continues to explore clinical and transpersonal psychology, behavioral sciences, neurofeedback, re-decision therapy, and other psychological modalities to build the educational foundation and experience that allows her help leaders build highly effective organizations and highly effective leaders.
As part of her mission and purpose in life, she wants to help others find that transformative moment in their lives that allow them to find their true passion and purpose in life. That is what inspired her and Barry to co-found Stop At Nothing.

Susan loves facilitating the leadership programs for large and small businesses. She has worked with several family businesses, helping them deal with family dynamics while running the business. She has also coached executive women to reach higher levels in major organizations. Susan enjoys the challenge of helping teams transform and become high-performing. She believes that helping leaders change, changes the world.

Ever a student and a teacher, Susan continually challenges herself to learn and grow. Susan is a certified Registered Yoga Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Restorative, and Chair Yoga. Her current passion is researching and exploring neuroscience and how neuroplasticity in the brain can help create behavioral change. Additionally, she loves researching studies on how mindfulness, meditation, and yoga impact the neurobiology and neurological wiring and their impact to stress-related behaviors (derailers).

Susan uses this research to help her clients make the changes they want to make. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, meditating, snow-skiing, hiking, and teaching yoga meditation. Her most important love is spending time with her husband, four step-children, and seven grandchildren.

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 She is the author of Real Leadership: Waken to Wisdom and now enlisted 3E WEb Media to help her turn the knowledge that has inspired leaders to transform themselves and their organisations into conscious, sustainable and successful ones. The resulting online course is available via the learning management Litmos nd was developed using the latest elearning authorware to ensure engagement, interactivity, multimedia variety and clarity.

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