Out Of The Black album

The Out Of the Black project is the production, release and promotion of the debut album by Tiki Black, Manchester-based performing songwriter by way of Paris and Cameroon. We created the website, designed the media for and distributed the release for promotion.

The release has received an Akademia award for best Folk/Singer-Songwriter album Nov 2013, the website has been highly praised and the music has been played and reviewed worldwide including in France, the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Mauritius, the USA, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.

The Music was prepared in CD and WAV/MP3 formats (including radio-ready tags) and distributed to all major music retailers and some independent ones including Bandcamp, It also has been sent to over 20000 blogs, ezines, magazines, radios, with a press release written specifically for it.

The deliverables included a written and distributed press release, a designed CD cover and booklet, distribution to radios / magazines / blogs for feature request / airplay with analytics, a website design that reflects the music release.

Korlan Music

Korlan Music is the project that we have been involved with, about getting the works of Kazakh musician  Korlan and her brand of sensitivity and genius out there.

Korlan was a pianist and composer who epitomised creativity, expressing the beauty and purity of nature and childhood in her musical pieces. Her talent borded on genius as she incessantly produced new material as nature urgently inspired, and remembering everything she made up without ever transcribing it or writing it up!

In memory of her legacy and for the benefit of those who were in effect her muse, the Korlan Music organisation wanted to set up a website that showcased her music but also a series of contests and activities that introduced her music to the next generations with an opportunity to harness their own creativity and win a suite of prizes that encourages them further in the pursuit of excellence in artistic self-expression.