Tiki Black Musician App

The Tiki Black app allows the musician’s subscriber to view and acquire her releases, merchandise and exclusive content and a lot more. It takes advantage of the many features and opportunities of mobile apps to bring the singer-songwriter’s best offerings to her audience.

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1InMusic App

One of the main thrills of Digital project management is overcoming four main challenges; they are being on track and delivering on time, to specifications and within budget. It has been such a pleasure developing the Android App for the 1inmusic.com magazine. This is not just because it was done natively. It is also because it takes full advantage of the mobility and the practicality and the high availability of mobile. Particularly, it offers features beyond the limits of a website. Typical ezine features are present. Courses and quizzes are also available. On top of that, we are developing more complex games for future versions. We indeed hope to provide music lovers with a truly 1inMusic experience.

The currently available version 1.1 is released as a beta version. This allows us to welcome comments and suggestions and refine what we have. There are still a lot of placeholders in the app. This is for feedback we are hoping to receive, most of which  regarding any concerns over the principles and mechanism behind the app. You can download the 1inmusic Android app right now from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oneInMusic.OneInMusic. I am super excited about the positive comments and encouragements already received. We are all certainly looking forward to more suggestions and feedback about your personal preferences on the Mobile App!

You will find music interviews, music reviews, music theory quizzes (including interactive audio, graphic and text as well as scoring and feedback). Just check out some of the screenshots below. Some of the things to come include music history, somgwriting and a lot more.