World(wide) Singer-Songwriters website

World Singer-Songwriters is an online resource that explores the music legacy of performing songwriters worldwide. This heritage is in their melodies, lyrics, and more. In the expression of their creativity, exorcising our deepest heartfelt tides, we find our humanity, rediscover our history, celebrate life or escape reality and sometimes even understand better both the world and ourselves. Although this is arguably subjective, it is at least a glance and a share of the world through its performing songwriters. This is a non-profit project run by singer-songwriters.

We created and maintain the website that hosts such a treasured legacy.

The website is powered by the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and branded using Elegant Themes’ flagship Divi theme. Because of what it is, the website makes an extended use of the WordPress CMS database feature, storing the singer-songwriters: artist profiles, graphical representations, and a lot more of their musical career details. There are also links to Deezer and Spotify playlist that introduce you to these masters through 10 of their oeuvres.
The worldsingersongwriters website is available at

Agathe Fehr Naturopathe Bien être website

It is always an honour to work with someone who cares about what they do. It is a privilege to support someone in making any type of positive difference in people’s lives. e-Meeting Agathe Fehr felt like that kind of opportunity. Finding out about her practice helped me to reflect her world in the digital realm. Creating her digital presence exposed the difference that her expertise is making in people’s lives..

Branding was therefore essential as was creating a space in which people found answers to reconnect with themselves. The website for Bien être, Agathe’s Practice has a blog in which she shares her tips. It also contains a booking system. It links directly to her social network for integrated distribution. It provides facillities to contact her and follow her work.

The choice of the domain name, agathe-fehr-naturopathe, emphasises the fact that she is the main brand of her practice. Her name, as that brand, is more important than any other name by which the place of work might be known. This is because her blog articles, her papers, her expertise are personable. It is not just about the feeling of Bien être associated with her practice name. It is about stating that she, her advice, her work are the personification of that bien être.

We got a full spectrum of domain extensions including .com, .net and so on, as well as French, French-speaking Belgian and European ones to ensure that the site is exclusive and the clientele is not swept away onto a fake site. The website is developed on the WordPress CMS. It uses colours reminiscent to the discipline and reflecting the kind of person Agathe fehr is. We ensure multiple layers of security from SSL to automated backup, regular maintenance, robust infrastructure and WordPress security and monitoring.  Partners are mentioned, maps are used, a blog is set up as well as a mailing system and Agathe’s photo makes the experience personable.

St Johns Centre Website


St Johns Centre logo3E Web Media was asked to revamp the St John’s website to take into account the times but also the vast amount of changes that the community centre had done. Alongside this revamp, there was a training session to get different level of users familiar with the environment and with authoring posts within it. The website is powered by WordPress but was out of date. Therefore, it could not just be about redoing it. It also had to be about making sure that the members of staff could aliment and maintain it

The rebranding of the St John’s website

The St John’s centre website before…

St Johns Centre website before St Johns Centre website before

The St John’s centre website after

St Johns Centre website

The staff training

It is reassuring for anyone to know that training only takes 5 minutes when you know how to log in and to fill a form. This is what the training was about: making sure that everyone was comfortable with the task at hand. All that was left to do is to give practice exercises so that everyone will eventually have a few questions to push their knowledge further.

Korlan Music Website

Korlan Music is the project that we have been involved with, about getting the works of Kazakh musician  Korlan and her brand of sensitivity and genius out there.

Korlan was a pianist and composer who epitomised creativity, expressing the beauty and purity of nature and childhood in her musical pieces. Her talent borded on genius as she incessantly produced new material as nature urgently inspired, and remembering everything she made up without ever transcribing it or writing it up!

In memory of her legacy and for the benefit of those who were in effect her muse, the Korlan Music organisation wanted to set up a website that showcased her music but also a series of contests and activities that introduced her music to the next generations with an opportunity to harness their own creativity and win a suite of prizes that encourages them further in the pursuit of excellence in artistic self-expression.

The African Counter

The African Counter Project is the delivery of a rich database-driven online resource for various categories of African contributions, the people, cultures, and structures behind these accomplishments and a lot more.

Core Team and Working Group members are talented volunteer researchers, editors, digital artists, administrators and managers from all over the world who work together to present the depth and richness that Africa and the African diaspora offers to the world. The team comes from and is spread across the world, Europe, Africa, America and Asia (sorry no one in Oceanie yet) and originate from different African and Caribbean countries including Barbados, Cameroon, DRC Congo, Gabon, Egypt, Nigeria and Seychelles.

3E Web Media is involved in a series of exciting and innovative projects involving the development of the main website hosting riches from Africa or created by the African diaspora worldwide, the commissioning of media, the branding, and the mobile strategy for The African Counter.

The African Counter website