REAL Leadership

Susan RobertsonStop At Nothing provides executive leadership coaching and mentoring, strategic consulting, five-day leadership programs, and cultural transformation for organizations seeking to improve engagement and culture and drive peak performance. 

Susan Robertson is the co-founder and managing partner at Stop At Nothing, an organizational transformation and leadership consulting firm she began with her husband, Barry Robertson, over 30 years ago. Working with over 35,000 leaders in over 30 countries, the company helps leaders transform their corporate cultures by enhancing leadership effectiveness.

More recently, Susan Robertson, along with her husband and two other business partners–Kevin and Andrea Haas–founded Conscious Business Insights, an organization dedicated to creating REAL leaders and Conscious Cultures using digital technology. In her early 20s, she had two transformative experiences that changed her life. She attended a transformational, self-awareness-based leadership workshop and, that same year, she had a near-death white-water-rafting experience–and with that, she changed her life.

She left her safe banking career and co-founded Stop At Nothing. She continues to explore clinical and transpersonal psychology, behavioral sciences, neurofeedback, re-decision therapy, and other psychological modalities to build the educational foundation and experience that allows her help leaders build highly effective organizations and highly effective leaders.
As part of her mission and purpose in life, she wants to help others find that transformative moment in their lives that allow them to find their true passion and purpose in life. That is what inspired her and Barry to co-found Stop At Nothing.

Susan loves facilitating the leadership programs for large and small businesses. She has worked with several family businesses, helping them deal with family dynamics while running the business. She has also coached executive women to reach higher levels in major organizations. Susan enjoys the challenge of helping teams transform and become high-performing. She believes that helping leaders change, changes the world.

Ever a student and a teacher, Susan continually challenges herself to learn and grow. Susan is a certified Registered Yoga Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Restorative, and Chair Yoga. Her current passion is researching and exploring neuroscience and how neuroplasticity in the brain can help create behavioral change. Additionally, she loves researching studies on how mindfulness, meditation, and yoga impact the neurobiology and neurological wiring and their impact to stress-related behaviors (derailers).

Susan uses this research to help her clients make the changes they want to make. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, meditating, snow-skiing, hiking, and teaching yoga meditation. Her most important love is spending time with her husband, four step-children, and seven grandchildren.


 REAL Leadership book coverShe is the author of Real Leadership: Waken to Wisdom and now enlisted 3E WEb Media to help her turn the knowledge that has inspired leaders to transform themselves and their organisations into conscious, sustainable and successful ones. The resulting online course is available via the learning management Litmos nd was developed using the latest elearning authorware to ensure engagement, interactivity, multimedia variety and clarity.
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Vibrant Facilitator Training

Vibrant Facilitator TrainingTammie is an exceptional trainer, helping women with her one-of-a-kind Vibrant Facilitator Training. We helped her set up her LearnDash / WooCommerce / WordPress site to allow a full digital experience for her learners. The user journey starts from interest and buy to accessing, learning and getting certified, all online. Tammie uses letters, videos, graphics, quizzes and text to make the learner’s experience an engaging one.

The Vibrant Facilitator Training is aimed at “Dreamers, Soul-Centred Entrepreneurs, Seekers of Connection, Supporters of Personal Growth, Space Holders, Lovers of Travel, Teachers, World Changers”. This audience seeks to share with others your knowledge, expertise, adventures, passions, hopes and dreams. The course teaches its students to do this in a well-planned, professional, exciting and confident way.

The site adds: “At Vibrant Facilitator Training we have created our own tried and tested approach to running groups, workshops and retreats.
We want to share this knowledge with you so you too can share your wisdom with others.
Our training’s are practical, meaningful and affordable and designed especially for you.
Our Partners are experts in the field who can guide and advise you.
Our resources are designed to provide you with ongoing support and information.
Through our training’s, resources, support networks, and one on one support we can guide you through every step of making your retreat dream a reality.”

More information about and access to The Online Facilitator Training course is available from

Vibrant Facilitator Training Vibrant Facilitator Training Vibrant Facilitator Training Vibrant Facilitator Training

Leading Projects

Leading Projects is a fantastic online course from WorkPlace Superstar. The instructor is Antonio Belgrave, an project management experience.

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ePresentations Teachable

The simplicity of Teachable is both its strength and its weakness. It’s user-friendly, relatively intuitive interface makes it easy for most people to create a course quickly and easily.

The Effective Presentations course was created on Teachable because the platform presented this opportunity for rapid development without the need of external tools for the most part of what we wanted to do. And so the tool fitted the immediate goal and it was a great time.
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IT Fundamentals

IT Fundamentals Programme Goals

The IT Fundamentals course exist to help users acquire awareness, understanding and practical skills in the building blocks of information technology. This digital literacy will give them essential transferable skills to progress their careers, enhance their prospects or start something completely different as they discover the possibilities open to them and their own potentials.

Getting Back to Hapiness

The Getting Back to Hapiness Project is an online course written by Skip Johnson and put online on the Thinkific Online Course Platform by 3E Web Media. The course aim is right in its title “Getting Back to Happiness”. As you journey through the course, you will start realising that you are feeling more optimistic, more confident, more content and happy… With content so positive, so motivating and so inspirational, it was a privilege and an honour. We did not just worked, we learned, we enjoyed and we became one with the project. I am still thankful for the experience and really wish this course to reach and touch as many people as it should, sowing those positive seeds inside each of us.

The content author

The content author is the inspirational US author Skip Johnson. He believes that being alive is, as Helen Keller says, “either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” A USPTA Master Tennis Professional, Political Science graduate, and the Vice President of Operations for the award-winning Gold’s Gyms, Skip enjoys keeping fit, travelling, reading, writing and storytelling. He also directs the oldest independent workshops for school tennis coaches, which has been running for 30 years.

His love for writing and teaching and his life as an author has spanned decades. This has seen him write many inspirational articles, as well as produce over 100 inspirational videos. But his greatest achievement as an author is his new book, Grateful for Everything, available now from

The online course

Skip Johnson wanted to make his inspirational workshops available as a self-learning course. This is where 3E Web Media was asked to get involved. Our expertise was sollicited to look through appropriate e-learning systems (or learning management systems aka LMS). Our article on 3E Top Online Course Platforms is always a good place to start. Beyond this, we worked together to determine what Skip’s specific requirements were. This helped us refine the list of adequate Learning Management System (LMS). This research and analysis led us to choosing Thinkific, a standalone online course platform. As well as putting up the content online, we were asked to edit the content, convert content to online formats where appropriate and various other related activities.

The course Includes videos, quotes, a survey, quizzes, audios, a lot more content in various formats. It was not just a job for us. The work has been very fruitful with the course pilots being run in the first quarter of 2017. The actual online course launch is set for the beginning of the academic year, in September 2017, a great, positive and motivating way to start discovering the best in ourselves