Silence Movie Translation

Silence Movie Translation from French to English. Although the film has no dialogues, a number of written parts required translation which we were privileged to assist with.

About the film Silence, stylised $ILENC€

$ILENC€ is an independent short film from multiple award-winning director Glad Amog Lemra and lasts 16 minutes. The film is self-produced by both Glad Amog Lemra and Florence Elomo Akoa. Glad Amog deliberately chose the non-dialogue to express his loss for words towards a situation that continues after independence as well as to give viewers the freedom to analyze for themselves. The African director of Congolese origin wanted to stage the massacre in Africa during the various presidential elections in recent months. Because, beyond the killings of thousands, it is the despair of many generations of Africans who, since the independence of the 1960s, continue to be the victims of coups, killings and civil wars.

You can find out more about the film here.

Translation of Silence

3E Web Media was called upon for the translation from French to English of the film text including quotations from celebrated freedom fighters Franklin Boukaka and Lumumba.

Fiverr Translation

Fiverr is a digital marketplace for freelancers to offer services (called gigs) to customers worldwide at a starting cost of $5 hence the name.

Our high expertise was recognise by the giant tradeplace and we were called in to work with other freelancers on a project to expertly translate the Fiverr framework into the French language.

Translation is always a serious project that is about converting more than words and a lexicon but meaning and culture. For us, it was about making a French speaking person coming into the Fiverr environment feel as if the place was just made for them. We are grateful to  such a leading  brand to acknowledge and have requested to use our knowledge in the area and carried out the work with a sense of privilege and duty.