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The African Counter Project is the delivery of a rich database-driven online resource for various categories of African contributions, the people, cultures, and structures behind these accomplishments and a lot more.

Core Team and Working Group members are talented volunteer researchers, editors, digital artists, administrators and managers from all over the world who work together to present the depth and richness that Africa and the African diaspora offers to the world. The team comes from and is spread across the world, Europe, Africa, America and Asia (sorry no one in Oceanie yet) and originate from different African and Caribbean countries including Barbados, Cameroon, DRC Congo, Gabon, Egypt, Nigeria and Seychelles.

3E Web Media is involved in a seriesĀ of exciting and innovative projects involving the development of the main website hosting riches from Africa or created by the African diaspora worldwide, the commissioning of media, the branding, and the mobile strategy for The African Counter.

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