St Johns Centre Website

St Johns Centre website


St Johns Centre logo3E Web Media was asked to revamp the St John’s website to take into account the times but also the vast amount of changes that the community centre had done. Alongside this revamp, there was a training session to get different level of users familiar with the environment and with authoring posts within it. The website is powered by WordPress but was out of date. Therefore, it could not just be about redoing it. It also had to be about making sure that the members of staff could aliment and maintain it

The rebranding of the St John’s website

The St John’s centre website before…

St Johns Centre website before St Johns Centre website before

The St John’s centre website after

St Johns Centre website

The staff training

It is reassuring for anyone to know that training only takes 5 minutes when you know how to log in and to fill a form. This is what the training was about: making sure that everyone was comfortable with the task at hand. All that was left to do is to give practice exercises so that everyone will eventually have a few questions to push their knowledge further.