Creating Your Online Courses – Creating your e-Course Outline


We review your existing course outline (from $50) or create a new course outline (from $150) for you through scoping, research, structure and modularisation. Check the example below.

A course outline includes all the headings that make up the structure of a course.

For example, if I were to teach someone how to make a culturally accepted Japanese omelette, the course outline would look something like the example on your right (note that the content is copyrighted. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A syllabus will include additional items such as the course pre-requisites, the number of taught and study hours, the intended audience and all course information that is useful for your viewers to understand the suitability of the course for their individual needs.

Module 1. Introduction to this course

1.1 Why Japanese omelette of all omelettes?
1.2 Meet the instructor and chef: credentials, experience and any showcases why this instructor
1.3 Learning outcomes
1.4 Diagnosis quiz: your expectations and current skills

Module 2. The origins of the Japanese omelette

2.1 Japanese cuisine culture: understanding the cuisine culture that you are dealing with
2.2 The origin of the Japanese omelette: understanding how it all started
2.3 Typical Japanese ingredients: understanding the types of ingredients you will come across in the cuisine and how to choose them
2.4 Typical Japanese utensils: understanding the types of utensils that you will come across in the cuisine and how to choose them
2.5 Japanese favoured methods of cooking: understanding the basics of methods of cooking used in Japanese cooking
2.5 Japanese Cuisine culture Quiz: a quiz reviewing your understanding of this module


Module 3 Japanese omelette

3.1 Different examples of Japanese omelettes
different ways that people have prepared Japanese omelette
3.2 Our preferred method
why we chose this particular method and description of the method
3.3 Ingredients
ingredients involved in the making of our Japanese omelette
3.4 Utensils
utensils involved in the making of our Japanese omelette
3.5 Cooking
cooking of our Japanese omelette
3.6 Japanese omelette cooking Quiz
questions reviewing your understanding of why and how we cook the Japanese omelette

Module 4. After cooking

4.1 Accompaniment:
What you may serve alongside the omelette
4.2 Presenting your meal
The way you decorate your plate and where you place things
4.3 Serving
The way you serve, what you serve it on and where you serve it
4.4 Cleaning up
How you clean up your work station and preserve your utensils and ingredients
4.5 Conclusion
Summative plus conclusive words
4.6 Summative quiz
A final quiz to review your understanding of this module

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