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We will help you with planning, storyboarding, instructional design, training, multimedia, interactivity, voice over, publishing, enrollment, marketing, anything that makes your online course profitable for your learners and your business.

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Services we offer


Outline / Syllabus

We review or create your syllabus / outline through scoping, research, structure and modularisation.

From $50.

Media & interactions

We create, edit, convert text, graphics, audio, video, animation, simulations, forms, quizzes…

From $10.



We convert your content to and from different formats as required inc. HTML5, SCORM, Tin Can/xAPI, etc…

From $75.


Content review

We research and create any content from scratch for you; or we can just edit or review existing content.

From $35 per 1000 words.

Course upload

We find the right LMS and tailor it to your project, set up the course & add course materials and activities.

From $100.


We update your systems and provide assistance and moderation to users on your course.

depends on LMS & hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an LMS / VLE?

A Learning Management System (LMS) aka Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or online course platform is a system for online course creation and management, learner enrolment, assessment and tracking of learners’ progress. They increasingly also include course selling and marketing, adaptive / selective learning release, development of learning materials and ativities, import and conversion of external activities and more. Check out our article exploring the features of diverse top online course platforms.

Q: Which LMS / VLE have you ever used?

I used WebCT when I worked in HE, then moved to Blackboard Vista then academic suite, and also used Moodle. In the commerccial and non-profit worlds, I got to work with Teachable, Udemy, Thinkific, LearnDash, MindFlash to cite a very few and I am excited to have the opportunity to work with whichever that bst suits your projects. In the end, for an e-learning expert, getting familiar with an LMS is a matter of an hour tops. Check out our article on some of the many top online course platforms I have tested.

Q: What is the best LMS / VLE?

We don’t favour one LMS over another. We help you choose the LMS that best fits and delivers your course out of the 500+ existing systems. We keep abreast of market innovations from new and existing players. Check out our article on the top online course platforms.

Q: What are rapid e-learning authoring tools?

A rapid e-learning authoring tool is a software that enables the faster development of e-learning materials, including mutimedia such as timelines and processes and interactive content such as quizzes. he more sophisticated the software the more complex its facilities. Check out our article exploring the features of diverse top rapid e-learning authoring tools.

Q: What is the best authoring tool?

We don’t favour one rapid e-learnikng authoring over another. We help you choose the one that can help you develop the multimedia content that you need for your course. We keep abreast of market innovations from new and existing players. Check out our article on the top e-learning rapid authoring tools.

Q: What services will get my online course up and running?

  • Content – we research, create, edit any content at all
  • Syllabus / outline – we research, scope and survey to establish the most adequate structure for your course content
  • Voice over – We work with American / British, female / male voice artist to create voice over and synchronise it with your course
  • Multimedia – we create all types of media for your course including text, image, photo, video, animation, infographics, simulations , etc
  • Interaction – we create interactive elements, from forms to complex quizzes
  • LMS setup – we set up the LMS and the create and configure your course
  • Conversion – Different LMS require different formats and we will convert your content accordingly including html5, SCORM, Tin Can / xAPI, etc
  • Course upload – we upload all your content in the correct format into your preferred course platform
  • Enrolment – We can upload your learners if you would like us to
  • Maintenance – We can also maintain your course if the LMS you choose does not provide these services

We can do a lot more but it depends on your requirements, preferences, budget and the time you have for this – deadline-

* I don’t work with illegal, amoral, unethical, oppressive, insulting, or pornographic content

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