Mimoto branding and logo design


Mimoto is a Federated Identity Management Consultancy. The team offers consultancy services and bespoke software development related to identity management, identity assurance, authentication and authorisation services.

3E Web Media was called in to help with managing the digital branding of the company. This consisted in the design and development of the logo and static website. The latter uses Jekyll and Github. With a static website, the owners ensure that maintenance will be minimal and that the team can concentrate on doing their work and adding website content which corresponds to their experience and expertise.

Mimoto is the Japanese for identity and the company already had their name, purpose, direction and expertise sorted out. In effect, the team knows how to use Github and Jekyll so the work really boiled down to fitting in and designing a style around the ideas they had, creating the web structure and the web template and arranging content within that structure.

The style of the website follows the simplicity of their approach and the Japanese inspiration to choose the font face and size, the colours and the shape and produce an effective to the point branding guidelines, website and logo design.

Sometimes, it takes a more incremental approach though to properly see where one is going. This is how the company chose to release their website. With a minimal content in early release, the website is cleverly managed to only deploy new elements as they are fully developed.

Mimoto website

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