“A fit-for-purpose digital presence for every venture”


  • fit-for-purpose digital solutions: a digital presence that reflects the business USP and purpose from website to online course
  • managed projects: from business analysis to transition to service and maintenance, we deliver on time and on budget
  • empowered customers: we like to develop solutions owned customers through communications, training and report
  • Websites 15% 15%
  • e-Learning 3% 3%
  • Mobile App 1% 1%
  • Training and Consultancy 30% 30%

Digital solutions for musicians and other artists including musician websites, music releases, digital identity e.g. www.tikiblack.com, www.korlanmusic.com

for Small and Medium (SMEs) and social enterprises including online magazines e.g. www.1inmusic.com, www.fussytongue.com, online resources and  e.g. www.stjohnscentre.org, e-store, online Resources e.g. www.african-counter.com and www.worldsingersongwriters.com, mobile Apps, e-Books … and much more

for promoters and editors including articles and other content including reviews, interviews, biographies, press releases and more

for educators including e-learning configurations, online Courses, mobile learning e.g. www.inspiredhistories.com

.. and we are looking forward to helping you with your web or media project. Ring us now for a free preliminary consultation!

  • Artists 10% 10%
  • SMEs 50% 50%
  • Non-profit organisations 25% 25%
  • Individuals 10% 10%
  • Others 10% 10%