Highway Hope IT Fundamentals Training

Highway Hope IT Fundamentals Training

The IT Fundamentals course designed for Highway Hope lays some IT foundations so it is not an in-depth course. There are 10 “fundamental” modules and then the learner can choose 1 of 10 other modules to go deeper in the specific knowledge they chose. The programme includes real-time lectures, hands-on projects, quizzes and more activities. Each module is about 2 hours lectures. The “homework” is linked to work for Highway Hope or to build your own portfolio and therefore is an integral part of the course completion.
Before the course: you will be invited to chose preferred date/time and register.
The training time MUST be dedicated to training to take full advantage of it. Learners must organise themselves for that.
This programme requires a true and full commitment to complete. There are at least hours of materials available for self-study and career orientation. We work one module at a time to ensure that the commitment is understood and there is no going to the next module if the commitment is not showcased. Each module includes support, material, coaching, training, and assessment.

Highway Hope IT Fundamentals Training – Core Content

Module 1 – Introduction to the course:  Overview of IT and the digital era, your starting point, your goals and the place of IT in it, your instructor
Module 2 – A closer look at what IT is, benefits, SWOT…
Module 3 – Exploring areas of and jobs related to ITL The basics of the main areas of IT
Module 4 – The Basics of Hardware
Module 5 – Understanding data: The Basics of data literacy and multimedia understanding
Module 6 – The Basics of Software: Word, Excel…
Module 7 – The Basics of Application Development
Module 8 – Networks, the Internet
Module 9 – Coding the web
Module 10 – Final project

Highway Hope IT Fundamentals Training – Optional Module Choice

The learner must choose 1 optional module which will help them with their final project:
–> (Virtual Assistant) – the Virtual Assistant Toolkit: Scheduling/Calendly/G Calendar, Word, AI, Audio Recording
–> Graphic Design: PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop,  Canva
–> Website Design
–> Data analytics
–> Website Development:
–> Web author and Contributor
–> Web Editor
–> Digital Marketing
–> Social Media
–> Data Analytics
–> CyberSecurity
–> Programming: choice of Python, PHP

Highway Hope IT Training schedule

We will be meeting weekly for 10 weeks on the same day and time for 2 hours. Please, select your top 3 preferred date/time for the training schedule using the three polls below to let us know which date/time are most suitable for you to have your IT training on. Keep in mind that you can only choose once in each poll, that the training will take two hours and will be weekly. During that time, your full attention will be required, so choose appropriately.

Register on the course

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