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AI writers are set to revolutionize the future of writing and copywriting. AI writing tools are able to generate content for blogs, articles, books and other types of writing quickly and efficiently. AI writers can generate content quickly and accurately, but they still need to be checked by an experienced editor.

AI Writers offer opportunities across stakeholders

wordpress blog post writing editing editors ai writersWith the help of AI writers, authors, writers and copywriters can now focus on what they do best – crafting engaging stories that capture their audience’s attention. Businesses can generate blogs at a more sustained rate to quench their readers’ needs.

The rise of AI writers

AI writing software is becoming increasingly popular with digital agencies and businesses due to its ability to generate high-quality content at scale. AI blog generators can also be used to create unique content quickly and easily, eliminating the need for manual research and editing. With the help of these tools, copywriters can create compelling stories that engage their readers in no time.

The crucical role of editors in the rise of AI

correction copy editing writing-g2c439c5eb_640With the rise of AI writers, editors have an even more important role to play in the writing process. They are the interface that humanises, customises and corrects  machine input and are responsible for reviewing the content produced by AI writers. They are the last check before the content reaches its audience and the last opportunity to ensure that content meets brand, customer and legal requirements.

The role of editors in the rise of AI – quality assurance

Editors have the crucial responsibility to ensure that the content produced by AI writers is of a high quality and meets the standards required. By working together with AI writers, editors can help ensure that content produced is up to scratch and meets all necessary industry standards. This will not only benefit businesses but also readers who will be able to enjoy high-quality content from these tools.

The standard role of the editor remains

copy editing the role of editors in the rise of ai writerscopy editing the role of editors in the rise of ai writers

We’ve already seen that the editors’ role of providing high quality assurance remains. Editors are also still expected to help to ensure that the structure, meaning and flow of the content is correct. They can also help to proofread and check for any errors or inconsistencies in the text, ensuring that the content produced by AI writers is free from spelling, syntactical and most importantly semantic errors and mistakes.

The role of editors – Refining content

The role of editors is becoming increasingly important in the future of copywriting with the rise of AI writers. As AI writers become more sophisticated, editors will be needed to review and refine the generated content before it is published. Editors can help ensure that the content generated by AI writers is accurate, and engaging for readers.

A role for editors – Branding content

Editors can also help to ensure that the content created by AI writers fits into a company’s brand identity and messaging. By working together with an AI writer, an editor can make sure that all content produced reflects a company’s values and meets its standards for quality. With their expertise in copywriting, editors can help to ensure that any content generated by an AI writer is both effective and engaging for readers.

Editors as Ghostwriting aids

In the same vein as branding businness content, editors play a vital role in the use of AI writers as ghostwriting tools. They are there to ensure that the voice of their client is heard, and to give human colour to the output produced by AI writers so they mirror the identity and voice of the supposed writer. Editors hence help ghostwriters create better books and ebooks by providing guidance on structure, tone, and flow.

A role for editors – Feedback providers

With all their sophistication, AI writers are still not perfect. There is a great role for editors in providing valuable feedback to AI writers on how to improve the content or how to make their writing more effective.  Their input helps to refine these tools and their functionality, and increasingly improve their output to produce more autonomous and advanced outputs.

Where to find editors who know their work

Editing is an art. It is not simply about rewwording in a way that makes sense to the editor. It is about targeting the audience with the voice of the writer in the best way that the medium allows : short, SEO-proof and snappy on web log, accurately descriptive on a historical report, exhaustive and revealing in an evaluation, mysterious and engaging in a thriller, and at all times, aware of and conveying the intricacies of the language and the uniqueness of the author’s voice to their niche.  This is 3E Web Media content editing power. Find us here or on Fiverr.


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