Digital Skills

ITF 1 What’s in IT for You?

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Course Overview

Boost your tech skills and unlock a world of possibilities with our comprehensive IT Fundamentals programme! The What’s in IT For You course is also the first module and the introduction to the IT Fundamentals programme. Before you can master the essentials of technology, this course will help you establish a baseline: what is the rationale for an IT Fundamentals course, how much do you already know about IT, who is your instructor and why them, what can we achieve together by completing an IT Fundamentals course? They allow us to tailor the rest of the programme to your specific needs so that we can ensure that your IT gaps are filled, your IT expectations are fulfilled and your IT skills and knowledge are strengthened to form a strong foundation to an IT-led job or handy transferrable skills to strengthen and enhance your job in any career.

  • Lessons 15
  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update 25th April 2024