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3E Web Media designed and developed the 1 In Music website at 1inmusic.com. The 1inmusic website includes the World Singer Songwriters which was first held independently ffor the duration of the project and was then moved to 1inmusic.

World Singer Songwriters (WSS)

World Singer-Songwriters now part of 1 In Music (1inmusic.com)

World Singer-Songwriters (aka World(Wide) Singer-Songwriters or Singer-Songwriters Worldwide or WSS) was an online music resource. The website explored the music legacy of performing songwriters, lyricist and composers worldwide. This heritage is in their melodies, lyrics, and more. In the expression of their creativity, exorcising our deepest heartfelt tides, we find our humanity, rediscover our history. We celebrate life or escape reality. We even sometimes better understand both the world and ourselves. Although this is arguably subjective, it is at least a glance and a share of the world through its performing creative artists: the composers, lyricists, songwriters who also performs the result of their extended craft. World Singer-Songwriters was a not-for–profit project. Singer-songwriters ran the project until it was retired.

Website building

3E Web Media created and maintain the website that hosts such a treasured legacy.

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powered the website. Elegant Themes’ flagship Divi theme was installed and customised to brand the website. Because of what it is, the website makes an extended use of the WordPress CMS database feature, storing relevant data from the singer-songwriters: artist profiles, graphical representations, and a lot more of their musical career details. There are also links to Deezer and Spotify playlists that introduce music lovers to these music craftspeople through 10 of their oeuvres.

The world(wide) singer-songwriters resource website was available at worldsingersongwriters.com. and is now integrated as part of the 1inmusic.com website. 

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St John’s Centre Website

About the St John’s Centre website project

St Johns Centre logo

3E Web Media was asked to revamp the St John’s website to take into account the times but also the vast amount of changes that the community centre had done. Alongside this revamp, there was a training session to get different level of users familiar with the environment and with authoring posts within it. The website is powered by WordPress but was out of date. Therefore, it could not just be about redoing it. It also had to be about making sure that the members of staff could aliment and maintain it

The rebranding of the St John’s Centre website

The St John’s centre website before…

St Johns Centre website before
St Johns Centre website before

The St John’s centre website after

St Johns Centre website

The staff training

It is reassuring for anyone to know that training only takes 5 minutes when you know how to log in and to fill a form. This is what the training was about: making sure that everyone was comfortable with the task at hand. All that was left to do is to give practice exercises so that everyone will eventually have a few questions to push their knowledge further.

Korlan Music Website

Korlan Music is the project that we have been involved with, about getting the works of Kazakh musician  Korlan and her brand of sensitivity and genius out there.

Korlan was a pianist and composer who epitomised creativity, expressing the beauty and purity of nature and childhood in her musical pieces. Her talent borded on genius as she incessantly produced new material as nature urgently inspired, and remembering everything she made up without ever transcribing it or writing it up!

In memory of her legacy and for the benefit of those who were in effect her muse, the Korlan Music organisation wanted to set up a website that showcased her music but also a series of contests and activities that introduced her music to the next generations with an opportunity to harness their own creativity and win a suite of prizes that encourages them further in the pursuit of excellence in artistic self-expression.

The Korlan website has now unfortunately been discontinued.

The African Counter Project

The African Counter Project is the delivery of a rich database-driven online resource for various categories of African contributions, the people, cultures, and structures behind these accomplishments and a lot more.

Core Team and Working Group members are talented volunteer researchers, editors, digital artists, administrators and managers from all over the world who work together to present the depth and richness that Africa and the African diaspora offers to the world. The team comes from and is spread across the world, Europe, Africa, America and Asia (sorry no one in Oceanie yet) and originate from different African and Caribbean countries including Barbados, Cameroon, DRC Congo, Gabon, Egypt, Nigeria and Seychelles.

3E Web Media is involved in a series of exciting and innovative projects involving the development of the main website hosting riches from Africa or created by the African diaspora worldwide, the commissioning of media, the branding, and the mobile strategy for The African Counter.

The African Counter website


Soukous music artist de Plaizir is Jean Blanchard Azip and his band Britannia Rumba. They mix traditional Congolese rumba, Soukous and other genres to produce something energetic and original fused in Manchester. When the band released their very first endeavours, I was asked to create an elegant website, a serious online identity presenting the band leader and the music work that has been done.
“It’s difficult to argue with the description of ‘pure pleasure’ for Blanchard’s music – anything that comes so full of toe-tapping soukouss rhythms and sunshine-filled zouk can’t fail to make you smile, especially when you realise he’s mustered it up under the dour skies of Manchester, rather than the clear ones of Africa. It’s no surprise that he has found large audiences there and if we have any sense, we’ll swell his feel good get-togethers closer to home too.”
Chris Long
Who is in the band?
“Jean Blanchard Azip aka Blanchard de Plaizir on lead vocals, songwriting and producing, with Sam Alafia on djembe, congas and backing vocals, Romeo Ile on drums, Chocolat Blaise on bass, Santana Mongoley on lead guitar, Tshepe Tshepela on keyboards. We also have four dancers – Hellen Mulla, Karen, Trisha and Dioleene.”
What type of music do you play?
“Our music is an innovative blend of traditional Congolese rumba, Soukouss, zouk, Manchester’s music energy and modern music technology.”
What’s the Blanchard de Plaizir story?
“The group came together informally in October 2002, during gatherings in Moss Side. At the time, Manchester had an influx of Congolese refugees and many happened to be musicians, who performed in big bands back in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We used to meet at my house in evenings and interpret popular songs from home.
“Words spread around the Congolese community and soon my house became a place for people who lacked entertainment or simply missed home. People started to pile into my house, especially on weekends, to see us practice. This alerted the police, who put a stop to it. As a result, we did not practice for more than a year, due to lack of funds to pay for proper rehearsal space. During this time, we had also lost nearly all of the original band members because of immigration issues.
“After a meeting with Community Arts Northwest in 2004, who helped us to get a rehearsal space, we started again and I baptised the band Britannia Rumba. This time, there were new musicians from other parts of Africa from Sierra Leone to Sudan.
“Britannia Rumba now provides a context for African musicians in the city of Manchester to get together and develop their sound.”
How are things going?
“In July 2007, with the contribution of some Britannia Rumba band members, I released my first solo album, Plaisir Ya Trop!, meaning ‘Pure pleasure’. Following the release, I have successfully toured West and East Africa and received good reviews across the media in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Burkinafaso, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.
“Locally, we have entertained and inspired audiences at venues all round Greater Manchester – GMex, The John Thaw Studio, University of Manchester, Contact Theatre, Bolton Octagon Theatre, Manchester Academy, Platt Fields Park, Wigan One World Festival, Oldham’s Festival of Diversity, Imperial War Museum North, Mint Lounge and many more venues.
“We have also supported many African artists on their UK tour, such as Kanda Bongo Man, Koffi Olomide, South Africa’s Mafikizolo band, Oliver Mtukuzi of Zimbambwe and Awilo Longomba.
“As a band, Britannia Rumba has built a strong reputation as one of the most exciting live music and dance groups in the North West. Firm festival favourites, they electrify the crowd with their infectious soukouss rhythm and dance wherever they appear.”
Listen to Blanchard de Plaizir’s music on his site >
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