1 In Music App: Music Theory Mobile Learning

1 In Music App: The Project

One of the main thrills of Digital project management is overcoming four main challenges; being on track and delivering on time, to specifications and within budget. It has been such a pleasure developing the Android version of the 1 In Music App. This is not just because the 1 In Mysic App  was done natively. It is also because it takes full advantage of the mobility and the practicality and the high availability of mobile. It not only contains the 1 In Music magazine features, it also contains the main component for which it was developed, a mobile learning music course and it is set to contain even more features.

1InMusic Magazine Mobile App - App Home

1 In Music App: Mobile Magazine

The 1 In music App particularly offers features beyond the limits of a website. This is one of the reason having a native mobile version of the online magazine was a must. You will find music interviews, music reviews, music features, music videos and more.  While in the beginning such features will only be the mobile responsive version of the website, they will grow in time to be more mobile oriented, taking full advantage of mobile capacities as these are being developed.

1 In Music App: Mobile Interviews

1 in Music App: The Music Theory Course

The primary reason the 1 In Music App was developed was to offer 1 In Music mobile learning. The idea was to make database-driven 1 In Music courses and quizzes available. Music theory quizzes include interactive audio, graphic and text as well as scoring and feedback. You will findsound quiz that will train you to play music by ear, graphic quizzes that help you recognize the symbols of music and more. Furthermore, you will find 9 levels, each with their own subdivision.

1 In Music App Music Theory Menu

1 in Music App: The Future

There is still a lot more to come. The 1 In Music App is being gamified, so rewards, badges and more gamification assets will be introduced. Some of the things to come include music history, songwriting courses and a lot more. On top of that, we are developing more complex games for future versions. We indeed hope to provide music lovers with a truly 1inMusic experience, from information such as music releases and discovering new musicians to learning to playing.

1 In Music App Menu

1 in Music App: Beta version download (Android)

The currently available version 1.1 is released as a beta version. This allows us to welcome comments and suggestions and refine what we have. There are still a lot of placeholders in the app. This is for feedback we are hoping to receive, most of which regarding any concerns over the principles and mechanism behind the app. You can download the 1inmusic Android app right now from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oneInMusic.OneInMusic. I am super excited about the positive comments and encouragements already received. We are all certainly looking forward to more suggestions and feedback about your personal preferences on the Mobile App!

1 In Music App Music Theory Menu

1 in Music App: Android App Music Theory Quiz Screenshots

Different options: Choose the level of difficulty, select the type of challenge (chapter), change the number of questions, challenge yourself with different number of possible answers…

Different exercises: Train yourself to recognise sounds, define music terms, identify music symbols and more to come.

1InMusic Magazine Mobile App - Quiz Results
1InMusic Magazine Mobile App - Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music App Music Theory Menu
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music App - Description Quiz
1 In Music App - Description Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music App: Music Theory Mobile Learning - Quiz Question - Identifying a symbol
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music App - Description Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Quiz Results
1 In Music App - Description Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Description Quiz
1 In Music Magazine Mobile App - Sound Quiz
1 In Music App - Description Quiz

Agathe Fehr Naturopathe Bien être website

It is always an honour to work with someone who cares about what they do. The privilege is to support someone in making any type of positive difference in people’s lives. e-Meeting Agathe Fehr felt like that kind of opportunity. Finding out about her practice helped us to reflect her world in the digital realm. Creating her digital presence exposed the difference that her expertise is making in people’s lives..

Branding was therefore essential as was creating a space in which people found answers to reconnect with themselves. The website for Bien-être, the practice of Agathe’ Fehr, had a blog in which she shares her tips. It also contains a booking system. There are direct links to her social network for integrated distribution. It provides facilities to contact her and follow her work.

The choice of the domain name, agathe-fehr-naturopathe, emphasises the fact that she is the main brand of her practice. Her name, as that brand, is more important than any other name by which the place of work might be known. This is because her blog articles, her papers, her expertise are personable. It is not just about the feeling of Bien-être associated with her practice name. It is about stating that she, her advice, her work are the personification of that bien-être.

We got a full spectrum of domain extensions including .com, .net and so on, as well as French, French-speaking Belgian and European ones to ensure that the site is exclusive and the clientele is not swept away onto a fake site.

3E Web Media developed the website using the WordPress CMS. It uses colours reminiscent of the discipline and reflecting the kind of person Agathe Fehr is. The client, Agathe Fehr, was at the origin of a lot of the design. We ensured multiple layers of security from SSL to automated backup, regular maintenance, robust infrastructure and WordPress security and monitoring.  The website mentioned partners, used Google maps, set up a blog and mailing system. Agathe’s photo on the frontpage makes the experience personable. OVH hosted the website.


Contact us for a free 15 minute website consultancy now.

Editor’s note: As of 2022, 3E Web Media no longer looks after this site. After 6 years of collaboration, the site owner has chosen to remove the site after she changed her practice’s name and joined a coop of similar-minded professionals.

1 In Music website (1inmusic.com) including World Singer-Songwriters

About 1 In Music

3E Web Media designed and developed the 1 In Music website at 1inmusic.com. The 1inmusic website includes the World Singer Songwriters which was first held independently ffor the duration of the project and was then moved to 1inmusic.

World Singer Songwriters (WSS)

World Singer-Songwriters now part of 1 In Music (1inmusic.com)

World Singer-Songwriters (aka World(Wide) Singer-Songwriters or Singer-Songwriters Worldwide or WSS) was an online music resource. The website explored the music legacy of performing songwriters, lyricist and composers worldwide. This heritage is in their melodies, lyrics, and more. In the expression of their creativity, exorcising our deepest heartfelt tides, we find our humanity, rediscover our history. We celebrate life or escape reality. We even sometimes better understand both the world and ourselves. Although this is arguably subjective, it is at least a glance and a share of the world through its performing creative artists: the composers, lyricists, songwriters who also performs the result of their extended craft. World Singer-Songwriters was a not-for–profit project. Singer-songwriters ran the project until it was retired.

Website building

3E Web Media created and maintain the website that hosts such a treasured legacy.

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powered the website. Elegant Themes’ flagship Divi theme was installed and customised to brand the website. Because of what it is, the website makes an extended use of the WordPress CMS database feature, storing relevant data from the singer-songwriters: artist profiles, graphical representations, and a lot more of their musical career details. There are also links to Deezer and Spotify playlists that introduce music lovers to these music craftspeople through 10 of their oeuvres.

The world(wide) singer-songwriters resource website was available at worldsingersongwriters.com. and is now integrated as part of the 1inmusic.com website. 

If you are interested in having similar services, check out our professional website development services.

1 In Music Banner


Leading Projects Kajabi eCourse

Leading Projects is a fantastic online course from Workplace Superstar. The instructor is Antonio Belgrave, a project management expert. The project is developed in the all-in-one Learning Management Systems (as well as Marketing and website) Kajabi. 3E Web Media was in setting up Kajabi for the purpose of e-learning, setting up the online course product and creating the online course from the provided PowerPoint slides and voice over. Branding was created. The PowerPoint slides were customised with the branding choices and enhanced with animation and transitions. The slides were then converted manually (for accuracy) into a video. The voice over audio was synchronised with the resulting video: note that this can be done in the slides, however the audio needed cleaning up first. The resulting audio-visual were uploaded into the previously setup course structure in Kajabi. End of module questions were developed.

leading projects screenshot
leading projects screenshot

ePresentations course using Teachable

ePresentations are also known as online presentations or digital presentations and even web-based or mobile presentations depending on the display device. They have brought the world of such technologies as PowerPoint to the Internet. They have broadened the reach of academic and other presentations.

The simplicity of Teachable is both its strength and its weakness. It’s user-friendly, relatively intuitive interface makes it easy for most people to create a course quickly and easily.

teachable example

The Effective Presentations course was created on Teachable because the platform presented this opportunity for rapid development without the need of external tools for the most part of what we wanted to do. And so the tool fitted the immediate goal and it was a great time.

FREE POLE DANCE CLASSES from OpenDance Academy on Udemy

OpenDance Academy is a professional and first international pole dance online school. They offer professional pole dance classes as well as many other classes. They asked 3E Web Media to help them turn their classes into an online course, a free Pole Dance Classes on Udemy, Canvas, Open Learning and a couple of other learning management systems (LMSs). Below are the Open Learning screenshots (the first one on the left and Udemy samples (the remaining screenshots) of their amazing training. The ecourses were developed using PowerPoint, PowerPoint to interactive lectures on Udemy, HTML/CSS and more e-learning authoring tools. 

Pole Dancing Courses - Open Dance Academy - Open Learning
Free pole dance classes on Udemy 2 - Open dance academy
Free pole dance classes on Udemy 1
Free pole dance classes on Udemy - Open dance academy
Free pole dance classes Udemy

Vibrant Women Training LearnDash eCourse

Vibrant Facilitator TrainingAbout the Vibrant Women training LearnDash eCourse

Tammie is an exceptional trainer, helping women with her one-of-a-kind Vibrant Women Training. We helped this entrepreneur set up  her LearnDash / WooCommerce / WordPress site to allow a full digital experience for her learners. The user journey starts from interest and buy to accessing, learning and getting certified, all online. Tammie uses letters, videos, graphics, quizzes and text to make the learner’s experience an engaging one.

eCourse Aim

The Vibrant Women Training is aimed at “Dreamers, Soul-Centred Entrepreneurs, Seekers of Connection, Supporters of Personal Growth, Space Holders, Lovers of Travel, Teachers, World Changers”. This audience seeks to share with others your knowledge, expertise, adventures, passions, hopes and dreams. The course teaches its students to do this in a well-planned, professional, exciting and confident way.

Exceptional training

The site adds: “At Vibrant Women Training we have created our own tried and tested approach to running groups, workshops and retreats.
We want to share this knowledge with you so you too can share your wisdom with others.
Our training’s are practical, meaningful and affordable and designed especially for you.
Our Partners are experts in the field who can guide and advise you.
Our resources are designed to provide you with ongoing support and information.
Through our training’s, resources, support networks, and one on one support we can guide you through every step of making your retreat dream a reality.”

The work done

  • We configured WordPress
  • We installed and configured LearnDash and WooCommerce
  • We integrated LearnDash and WordPress and LearnDash and WooCommerce using a couple of small plugins
  • We uploaded Tammie’s course outline and populated each section with her multimedia course.  

More information

More information about and access to The Online Facilitator Training course is available on the vibrant women training website at Vibrant Women Training.

Vibrant Facilitator Training Vibrant Facilitator Training Vibrant Facilitator Training Vibrant Facilitator Training

Mimoto branding and logo design


Mimoto is a Federated Identity Management Consultancy. The team offers consultancy services and bespoke software development related to identity management, identity assurance, authentication and authorisation services.

3E Web Media was called in to help with managing the digital branding of the company. This consisted in the design and development of the logo and static website. The latter uses Jekyll and Github. With a static website, the owners ensure that maintenance will be minimal and that the team can concentrate on doing their work and adding website content which corresponds to their experience and expertise.

Mimoto is the Japanese for identity and the company already had their name, purpose, direction and expertise sorted out. In effect, the team knows how to use Github and Jekyll so the work really boiled down to fitting in and designing a style around the ideas they had, creating the web structure and the web template and arranging content within that structure.

The style of the website follows the simplicity of their approach and the Japanese inspiration to choose the font face and size, the colours and the shape and produce an effective to the point branding guidelines, website and logo design.

Sometimes, it takes a more incremental approach though to properly see where one is going. This is how the company chose to release their website. With a minimal content in early release, the website is cleverly managed to only deploy new elements as they are fully developed.

Mimoto website

Tiki Black App

About the Tiki Black App

Tiki Black is a Manchester, UK-based singer-songwriter and author via Paris and Cameroon. The Tiki Black app allows the musician and author’s subscribers to view and acquire her releases, merchandise and exclusive content and a lot more. It takes advantage of the many features and opportunities of mobile apps to bring the singer-songwriter’s best offerings to her audience.

Screenshots of the Tiki Black app

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Getting Back to Happiness

The Getting Back to Happiness Project is an online course written by Skip Johnson and put online on the Thinkific Online Course Platform by 3E Web Media. The course aim is right in its title “Getting Back to Happiness”. As you journey through the course, you will start realising that you are feeling more optimistic, more confident, more content and happy… With content so positive, so motivating and so inspirational, it was a privilege and an honour. We did not just worked, we learned, we enjoyed and we became one with the project. I am still thankful for the experience and really wish this course to reach and touch as many people as it should, sowing those positive seeds inside each of us.

The content author

The content author is the inspirational US author Skip Johnson. He believes that being alive is, as Helen Keller says, “either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” A USPTA Master Tennis Professional, Political Science graduate, and the Vice President of Operations for the award-winning Gold’s Gyms, Skip enjoys keeping fit, travelling, reading, writing and storytelling. He also directs the oldest independent workshops for school tennis coaches, which has been running for 30 years.

His love for writing and teaching and his life as an author has spanned decades. This has seen him write many inspirational articles, as well as produce over 100 inspirational videos. But his greatest achievement as an author is his new book, Grateful for Everything, available now from Amazon.com.

The online course

Skip Johnson wanted to make his inspirational workshops available as a self-learning course. This is where 3E Web Media was asked to get involved. Our expertise was sollicited to look through appropriate e-learning systems (or learning management systems aka LMS). Our article on 3E Top Online Course Platforms is always a good place to start. Beyond this, we worked together to determine what Skip’s specific requirements were. This helped us refine the list of adequate Learning Management System (LMS). This research and analysis led us to choosing Thinkific, a standalone online course platform. As well as putting up the content online, we were asked to edit the content, convert content to online formats where appropriate and various other related activities.

The course Includes videos, quotes, a survey, quizzes, audios, a lot more content in various formats. It was not just a job for us. The work has been very fruitful with the course pilots being run in the first quarter of 2017. The actual online course launch is set for the beginning of the academic year, in September 2017, a great, positive and motivating way to start discovering the best in ourselves


Inside Track Employment

The Inside Track Employment website was commissioned to give a digital presence to a project that trains and supports specific people for employment.

St John’s Centre Website

About the St John’s Centre website project

St Johns Centre logo

3E Web Media was asked to revamp the St John’s website to take into account the times but also the vast amount of changes that the community centre had done. Alongside this revamp, there was a training session to get different level of users familiar with the environment and with authoring posts within it. The website is powered by WordPress but was out of date. Therefore, it could not just be about redoing it. It also had to be about making sure that the members of staff could aliment and maintain it

The rebranding of the St John’s Centre website

The St John’s centre website before…

St Johns Centre website before
St Johns Centre website before

The St John’s centre website after

St Johns Centre website

The staff training

It is reassuring for anyone to know that training only takes 5 minutes when you know how to log in and to fill a form. This is what the training was about: making sure that everyone was comfortable with the task at hand. All that was left to do is to give practice exercises so that everyone will eventually have a few questions to push their knowledge further.

Silence Movie Translation (stylised $ILENC€)

Silence Movie Translation from French to English. Although the film has no dialogues, a number of written parts required translation which we were privileged to assist with.

About the film Silence, stylised $ILENC€

$ILENC€ is an independent short film from multiple award-winning director Glad Amog Lemra and lasts 16 minutes. The film is self-produced by both Glad Amog Lemra and Florence Elomo Akoa. Glad Amog deliberately chose the non-dialogue to express his loss for words towards a situation that continues after independence as well as to give viewers the freedom to analyze for themselves. The African director of Congolese origin wanted to stage the massacre in Africa during the various presidential elections in recent months. Because, beyond the killings of thousands, it is the despair of many generations of Africans who, since the independence of the 1960s, continue to be the victims of coups, killings and civil wars.

You can find out more about the film here.

Translation of Silence

3E Web Media was called upon for the translation from French to English of the film text including quotations from celebrated freedom fighters Franklin Boukaka and Lumumba.

The film also include music from a music album on which we work, Out of the Black by Tiki Black.