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It is always an honour to work with someone who cares about what they do. The privilege is to support someone in making any type of positive difference in people’s lives. e-Meeting Agathe Fehr felt like that kind of opportunity. Finding out about her practice helped us to reflect her world in the digital realm. Creating her digital presence exposed the difference that her expertise is making in people’s lives..

Branding was therefore essential as was creating a space in which people found answers to reconnect with themselves. The website for Bien-être, the practice of Agathe’ Fehr, had a blog in which she shares her tips. It also contains a booking system. There are direct links to her social network for integrated distribution. It provides facilities to contact her and follow her work.

The choice of the domain name, agathe-fehr-naturopathe, emphasises the fact that she is the main brand of her practice. Her name, as that brand, is more important than any other name by which the place of work might be known. This is because her blog articles, her papers, her expertise are personable. It is not just about the feeling of Bien-être associated with her practice name. It is about stating that she, her advice, her work are the personification of that bien-être.

We got a full spectrum of domain extensions including .com, .net and so on, as well as French, French-speaking Belgian and European ones to ensure that the site is exclusive and the clientele is not swept away onto a fake site.

3E Web Media developed the website using the WordPress CMS. It uses colours reminiscent of the discipline and reflecting the kind of person Agathe Fehr is. The client, Agathe Fehr, was at the origin of a lot of the design. We ensured multiple layers of security from SSL to automated backup, regular maintenance, robust infrastructure and WordPress security and monitoring.  The website mentioned partners, used Google maps, set up a blog and mailing system. Agathe’s photo on the frontpage makes the experience personable. OVH hosted the website.

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Editor’s note: As of 2022, 3E Web Media no longer looks after this site. After 6 years of collaboration, the site owner has chosen to remove the site after she changed her practice’s name and joined a coop of similar-minded professionals.

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