Work Model

3E Web Media uses ADAPT, our in-house project management process. This model reconciliates the popular e-learning design ADDIE model with traditional models in project management, digital publishing and software development (compare models) (click to compare), to span the full cycle from conception to closure.

A Analysis: We work out, word out and initiate your idea into a solid digital project including aims, objectives, scope, business case, resources (stakeholders, budget), timeline and deadlines, customers’ needs, relevant tools, environment (e.g. field), desired deliverables and outcomes, success criteria, assumptions, and relevant models.

D Design: This logical and systematic visualisation of the final deliverables includes code algorithms, instructional design, animated media storyboarding, procedures, design of graphical user interface’s look and feel (style and layout), listing and structure of the overall content and corresponding navigation, identification of content acquisition source and methods.

A Author: We author/edit/translate/convert Text, Images, Audio, Video, Applications, Courses and Animations, for the digital environment1. We do formative testing to ensure deliverables meet expected outcomes, identify issues and get user acceptance.

P Publishing: It is the work that is done to make the digital world aware of a new digital presence. It includes distribution to search engine, directories submission, registration with relevant organisations and associations, press release distribution where appropriate, search engine optimisation, analytics setup and overall digital marketing.

T Transition include the set of processes that help transition the project into service or just back to the client, including monitoring and control, summative evaluation, documentation, maintenance and enhancement (continued improvements), training and project closure documentation (lessons learnt and feedback, reports and presentations).

The ADDIE Model: Instructional Design, Education Technology page last visited Aug 20th, 2016
1. The only thing we don’t do as yet is Games. This is just because of insurance policies to be honest.