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About 1 In Music

3E Web Media designed and developed the 1 In Music website at 1inmusic.com. The 1inmusic website includes the World Singer Songwriters which was first held independently ffor the duration of the project and was then moved to 1inmusic.

World Singer Songwriters (WSS)

World Singer-Songwriters now part of 1 In Music (1inmusic.com)

World Singer-Songwriters (aka World(Wide) Singer-Songwriters or Singer-Songwriters Worldwide or WSS) was an online music resource. The website explored the music legacy of performing songwriters, lyricist and composers worldwide. This heritage is in their melodies, lyrics, and more. In the expression of their creativity, exorcising our deepest heartfelt tides, we find our humanity, rediscover our history. We celebrate life or escape reality. We even sometimes better understand both the world and ourselves. Although this is arguably subjective, it is at least a glance and a share of the world through its performing creative artists: the composers, lyricists, songwriters who also performs the result of their extended craft. World Singer-Songwriters was a not-for–profit project. Singer-songwriters ran the project until it was retired.

Website building

3E Web Media created and maintain the website that hosts such a treasured legacy.

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) powered the website. Elegant Themes’ flagship Divi theme was installed and customised to brand the website. Because of what it is, the website makes an extended use of the WordPress CMS database feature, storing relevant data from the singer-songwriters: artist profiles, graphical representations, and a lot more of their musical career details. There are also links to Deezer and Spotify playlists that introduce music lovers to these music craftspeople through 10 of their oeuvres.

The world(wide) singer-songwriters resource website was available at worldsingersongwriters.com. and is now integrated as part of the 1inmusic.com website. 

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